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Companies behind WebRTC

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There are number of companies involved in the WebRTC project in its present state. They are Google, Mozilla, Opera on the browser side with W3C and IETF on the standards side. Only recently Microsoft have also shown an interest in this project but we are not expected to see any development from them until 2013…. Read more »

What is WebRTC

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We have a series of blog posts to release on WebRTC, who is driving WebRTC, Why do we need WebRTC, When and where will it be seen and the Future benefits and possibilities. However first up is an attempt to answer the question What is WebRTC? “WebRTC is a free, open project that enables web… Read more »

Hello and welcome to open real time media communications (openRMC)

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Welcome to openRMC, where we tackle consumer and enterprise demands for cost-efficient mobile voice over IP communications that is delivered in a unified manner. We’re aiming for the openRMC project to construct software components for a real-time rich media services platform for the communications environment.