Eamonn Power

Eamonn Power is a Software Technical Lead at the TSSG. He’s been working in research and development for the last five years and developing software for eight years. His project portfolio includes VoIP multitennancy research, demo components for IPv6 mobility solutions, Future Internet network management and federated testbeds.

His most recent work before joining the OpenRMC team was in the area of European Cloud Computing Security. In the context of OpenRMC, Eamonn has been leading the development of RTMP-based components and getting the initial infrastructure off the ground.

In his spare time, Eamonn maintains interests in Wireless Networks, Civil Protection, ICT Security and various types of programming languages.

The openRMC project is constructing software components for a real-time rich media services platform for the communications environment.

Phone: +353 51 302956
Email: epower@openrmc.org